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We know that military programs see active life over many years – sometimes decades. Over that time, application requirements change and grow – demanding greater computing horsepower. In recognition, we have put technology insertion at the heart of our product design, enabling our customers to leverage new levels of capability at lower cost and with minimal disruption.

Technology insertion allows customers to seamlessly integrate new, higher performance hardware technologies while retaining form, fit and function and application software compatibility.


Take our VME range of single board computers, for example. We announced the first member of the PPC family – the PPC1A – in 1995. In the 20+ years since then, we have regularly introduced upgrades to the family, whose latest member is the PPC11A – offering substantially more performance, but retaining complete compatibility with the PPC1A.

To find out more about our commitment to VME, download our white paper. That same strategy has applied equally to our VPX range of single board computers.

In 2006, we were the first to introduce a 3U VPX single board computer. The SBC340 was based on the Intel Core Duo processor: since then, we have introduced the SBC341, SBC346 and SBC347D – all offering pin-compatibility with the SBC340. The SBC347D features a 16-core Xeon processor, support for up to 64GB of memory and valuable additional functionality.

Learn more about the evolution of Abaco's single board computer families.


Product Lifecycle Management

All our products are designed to be supported over the multi-year – multi-decade, even – lifetime of the typical program. Whether for technology insertion or obsolescence management, we’re with you for the long haul.

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