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Leading edge technologies coupled with extensive experience bring the products and expertise you need for advanced radar solutions.

Advanced RF & DSP Solutions

Radar systems are where the cutting edge technology of tomorrow meets the realities of today. Abaco Systems understands that the best drawing board solutions will never see deployment if they do not meet both performance and acquisition requirements.

Abaco Systems is a global leader in the design and manufacture of rugged, high-performance signal processing electronics. As such, we have the experience and the staying power you’re looking for. We are one of the leading independent suppliers of board-level commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) digital signal processing components to the global defense, aerospace and security market.


Tools that enable you to develop fast – supported by programs that give your deployment extended longevity.

Axis Software

We can help you deliver state-of-the-art military computing solutions for rapid response contracts, in an architecture designed for evolutionary upgrades for decades to come. Our field-proven hardware offerings reach all the way from front-end data acquisition, to back-end signal processing.

Our software toolset, AXIS (Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software), enables rapid, efficient development, debugging and deployment of sophisticated, high-performance signal processing applications. It is this expertise, hardware, software that set Abaco Systems apart.

Phased Array Radar

Phased array radar has become the radar of choice whether for maritime, land or airborne applications: its lack of moving parts means higher performance and improved reliability. However: phased array radar requires large amounts of compute power.

Front- and Back-End Processing

Abaco’s embedded computing solutions are designed for the most demanding performance environments, and are characterized by minimal SWaP and maximum rugged reliability. Those solutions include custom- or modified COTS front-end processing and high-intensity back-end processing, capable of performing in real time. Our extensive range of FPGA-based boards provides optimal solutions for data ingest and front-end computing – or you can combine FPGA capability with our extensive range of CPU-based and GPU-based solutions. Abaco’s interconnect and switching technologies are designed to move enormous quantities of data at high speed.

Make or Buy?

Today, the flexibility, interoperability and performance of COTS hardware deliver significant advantages in terms of lower cost, lower risk, faster time to market and easier long term support. In-house development is becoming harder to justify. Working with an experienced provider, however, is crucial. Leveraging Abaco’s extensive experience and COTS hardware solutions allows you to focus on algorithm development, integration and implementation – the sources of your competitive advantage.

Modular, Scalable, and Open

Users are increasingly demanding interoperable solutions, based on industry standards and open architectures, that can be deployed across different platforms and in different systems – and that are modular and scalable. This is where Abaco excels. We can help minimize not only initial NRE but also reduce total cost of ownership by minimizing inventory holding.

State-of-the-Art Solution

Abaco has long embraced industry standard technologies for two reasons. First, companies like Intel, NVIDIA and Xilinx offer leading edge performance. They regularly upgrade the capability of their processors, offering our customers the opportunity for frequent and straightforward technology insertion to keep pace with the demand for ever-greater performance. Second, each of these companies has a long term roadmap for embedded computing – minimizing the potential for costly and disruptive obsolescence.

Breaking Barriers

Phased array processors have historically been built using only traditional CPU computing architectures, in which the increase in available performance over time largely follows Moore’s Law. However, GPGPU technology represents a paradigm shift with its massively parallel architecture – enabling the 50 GFLOPS performance of yesterday to translate to today’s performance of over 1,000 GFLOPS. And, when combined with a CUDA development environment, this huge increase in performance can be deployed faster than is often possible with a conventional programming approach. Abaco is a leader, thanks to our unique relationship with NVIDIA, in bringing the power of GPGPU to military/aerospace applications – and to helping you secure competitive advantage.


For the most demanding applications in SWaP-constrained platforms, you can benefit from Abaco being NVIDIA’s preferred provider of GPU technology into harsh environments.

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You can benefit from our leadership in rugged systems to give you the robust reliability and optimum performance you need.



Our solutions are in use in a wide range of commercial, military and paramilitary systems worldwide, including ship and airborne radar systems, fixed and mobile radio systems, and signals intelligence equipment. Even in operating environments that are extremely hostile to electronics, we’ve repeatedly proven that we are up to the task.

Our research and development operations help to ensure that your solutions remain on the leading edge of signal processing technology. Whether it is the advanced algorithms needed to provide specialized capabilities, or the integration of the latest and most powerful Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), we continue to expand what is possible in signal and sensor processing.

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