Switch Fabric Modules

Switched fabrics provide the interprocess communication backbone for OpenVPX systems – and these modules enable you to achieve the maximum benefit.

Current Products
Product Name Form Factor Fabric Interface Mezzanine Ruggedization
pex431_hr.gif PEX431 Multi-fabric Switch VPX 3U PCIe 1x XMC Air cooled rugged
PEX442 6U VPX Mezzanine Carrier Card PEX442 Carrier Card VPX 6U PCIe 2x PMC/XMC
Discontinued Products
Product Name Description
CRX800 Serial RapidIO Switch Market Leading multicore, multiprocessing solution Designed to provide optimal support for VXS…
IBX400 6U OpenVPX VITA65 InfiniBand Switch Fabric Module End to End OFED™ RDMA solution High performance embedded computing (HPEC) solutions from Abaco…
PEX430 PEX430 allows designers to build complex VPX systems with multiple single board computers and…
PMC-StarLite PMC-StarLite is a switched-fabric interconnect in PMC form factor designed to link G4DSP VME…
StarSwitch2 StarFabric Interconnect Board Heart of a multi-board system With four StarFabric ports via the P0 connector providing high…
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