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The world of missiles is fundamentally changing


  • 550mph (Tomahawk)


  • Speeds of Mach 5 or higher (~1 mile per second)

  • Theoretically capable of >Mach 10

  • Tests have demonstrated range of 1,200 miles/2,000kms

  • Cannot be intercepted by current defense systems

Hypersonic Flight Raises the Bar for Embedded Electronics.   DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

Hypersonic is an across-the-board revolution

Propulsion systems

Airframe materials

Embedded electronics

Game-changing challenges need game-changing solutions

Heat generation

G forces





Hypersonic will redefine ‘rugged’

Mechanical design

Heat pipes

Innovative cooling

Hypersonic will redefine ‘high performance’

  • Mission computing
  • Flight computing
  • Real time signal processing
  • Communications
    • Processing more data in closer to real time
      • Multicore processors
      • GPGPU
      • ‘Heterogeneous’ computing
    • Analog to digital/digital to analog conversion
      • DSP
      • FPGA
      • RFSoC

Hypersonic Flight Raises the Bar for Embedded Electronics

This white paper looks at how hypersonic flight will place radical new demands on the embedded computing systems on which they will rely – in terms of not only new levels of performance, but also of new levels of ruggedness.