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We get you to production faster

Integrated Systems

Pre-configured and pre-qualified systems specifically designed for mission-critical applications so you minimize cost, risk & time.

Open Standards

Our adherence to architectures and technologies provides speed of integration, while modularity increases flexibility.

Software Tools

The AXIS software environment substantially reduces the time it takes to design, develop, debug and optimize sophisticated multiprocessor applications.

We decrease your program cost and risk


Our products leverage commercial hardware technologies for economies of scale that lower initial costs while providing a continuum of technology insertion opportunities that minimize lifetime cost.

High TRL

We help you minimize program risk by using proven, widely-deployed, high technology readiness level (TRL) industry standard hardware and software.

We minimize size, weight and power


Innovative cooling technologies such as heat pipes and Abaco's nano thermal interface enable compute platforms to run at maximum performance in confined spaces.


Our unique relationship with NVIDIA enables us to bring the massive compute resources of GPU processors to high performance embedded computing in SWaP-constrained environments.

Minimal SWaP

Advanced engineering and decades of experience means that you can deploy significant computing performance in environments where size, weight and power consumption must be minimal.

We secure your mission critical platforms

Safety Certification

Abaco is a leader in the provision of the artifacts required for certification of flight systems up to DAL A, minimizing your cost, risk and time-to-deployment.


We incorporate anti-tamper, secure boot, memory sanitization capabilities and Intel Trusted Execution Technology to secure mission-critical platforms.

We improve lifetime reliability


Our solutions are rugged by design, not just "ruggedized" commercial offerings, and are able to withstand extremes of shock, vibration, temperature and contaminant ingress.

Technology Insertion

Abaco products are designed to be easily upgradable, enabling you to take advantage of the latest technologies to maximize both performance and reliability at the lowest cost.


Over more than 30 years, we developed a comprehensive, flexible, cost-effective suite of services designed to maximize in-field longevity for decades-long deployments.