ADEPT5000 Multi-Target Video Tracker

See greater distinction between targets and their backgrounds, at longer ranges, and of multi-targets with rugged video tracker.

ADEPT5000 Multi-Target Video Tracker

This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on February 28, 2015

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Extend tracking performance

The ADEPT5000 is a multi-target video tracker that employs innovative technologies to produce leading-edge tracking performance. Advanced pre-processors with enhanced target discrimination to reject background clutter and multiple target track software with concurrent multi-target detection, cueing and tracking combine to offer outstanding performance in challenging scenarios.

See the world in HD

The increased bandwidth of high definition video sensors introduces a major processing overhead for traditional systems. The dedicated video architecture of the ADEPT5000 ensures that higher pixel densities, frame rates and multiple targets can be processed with minimal latency, making it the perfect choice for closed-loop control applications. Numerous high bandwidth digital video interfaces are available including full high definition video.

Single integration process for multiple system designs

The ADEPT5000 has a simplified structured approach and automatic configuration functions to reduce integration time and complexity with a consequent cost saving. The enhanced user interface, automated functions and advanced high resolution full color symbology combine to significantly reduce operator workload, monitoring and tracking targets reliably with minimal operator interaction. 





Form Factor
1U Development Kit
Control Interface
Video Input
GigE Vision, NTSC/RS170 and PAL/CCIR (50/60Hz)
Video Output

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