XtraPower PPCM1

6U VME Dual PowerPC 7457

XtraPower PPCM1

This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on September 1, 2009

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The architecture of PPCM1 loosely couples two fully independent processor nodes across a 64-bit PCI bus, providing the system architect with cost effective, high bandwidth processing units. PPCM1's architecture is also optimized for real-time operating systems, each node supporting its own entirely standard kernel. For multi-slot processing solutions, PPCM1 provides an opportunity for reducing system slot count, or for dramatically boosting the processing power within each slot. Each of the processing nodes features a Freescale 7457 processor with 512 KB on-chip L2 Cache, its own private L3 Cache and high bandwidth access to its own Flash and SDRAM, plus non-competing access to its own PMC site via a 64-bit/66 MHz PCI bus.

  • Five ruggedization levels, air- and conduction-cooled
  • Two independent processor nodes
  • 2x Freescale 7457 @ 1 GHz
  • 2x PMC slots
  • For Ruggedization Levels, please see the configuration guide under the downloads tab
  • P25X603 Rear Transition Module


Form Factor
Dual 7457 @ 1 GHz
# Expansion Slots
Maximum Memory
2x 512 MB SDRAM with ECC
Serial I/O
Transition Modules
Bus Interface Chip
Tundra Universe II
Level 1-5 Air, Conduction Cooled, Level 1-5 Air, Conduction Cooled


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