Video and graphics engine, 2 channel output, 7447A CPU and P9 GPU


This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on June 30, 2011

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The flexible video architecture of Octegra3 allows system designers to deliver multiple sensor images to the user, bringing vital situational awareness to the point of use and enabling superior decision-making performance. Applications may select from up to eight video inputs, and the video input mezzanine philosophy allows an application-specific mix of input formats. With dual channel output, based on state of the art Visual Processing Units from 3DLabs, Octegra3 provides significant graphics generation performance and the ability to drive a wide variety of video output formats. Additionally, Octegra3 incorporates a workstation-class computing node to drive high-end applications, delivering a single-slot solution comprising video, graphics and computing power. Octegra3 will benefit applications in many areas, including mission computers, radar and sonar displays, surveillance and UAV control.

  • Available in five ruggedization levels, air-cooled to extended temperature conduction-cooled
  • 6U VME form factor
  • Video extensions mezzanine capability
  • Flexible video streaming architecture
  • Dual independent display capability
  • Workstation-class computing performance
  • State of the art graphics performance
  • Technology insertion for Octegra and Octegra 2
  • For Ruggedization Levels, please see the configuration guide under the downloads tab


Form Factor
Chip Set
MPC7447A G4 Power Architecture, 3Dlabs P9
Conformal Coating
Extended Temperature Range

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