Reference architecture for robotic and autonomous systems

Powerful, flexible, and scalable multi-processor platform for development and demonstration

Powerful, flexible, and scalable multi-processor platform for development and demonstration of robotic and autonomous systems.

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Keep your options open

Obox allows you to evaluate best-of-breed technologies so your future choices aren’t limited or compromised.

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AXIS ImageFlex

Image Processing and Visualization Toolkit
- Unleash the amazing power of the GPU

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Autonomous Application

  • Supports SAE autonomy levels 3 through 5
  • AI, deep-learning
  • Object detection and image segmentation of multiple video image streams and Lidar point clouds

Compute Power

  • Hybrid CPU, GPU, FPGA integration-capable
  • Multi-sensor technology – ingest, fusion, perception
  • High memory bandwidth plus up to 4 TB SSD


  • Up to 10GbE fully managed network switch
  • Enables domain partitioning for safety and security
  • Multi-function, I/O management


  • Scalable, flexible, silicon-agnostic architecture
  • Creates a path from bench through pilot to deployment
  • Re-configure as requirements evolve
  • Run software development in parallel on lab development units
  • Develop custom form factor and cooling solution for production deployment

Software Stack

  • Linux & ROS
  • NVIDIA Deep Learning SDK, Xilinx xDNN
  • AXIS ImageFlex
  • Health Toolkit
  • Power-on and Continuous Built-In Test
  • QNX, Integrity, VxWorks, Windows capable
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Pre-integrated, so you don’t have to

The Obox custom enclosure is designed to give you the flexibility to choose the optimum combination of processor technologies from leading manufacturers.

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SAE Levels 3-5

SAE Levels 3-5



Conduction/Convection cooled

Conduction/Convection cooled

-40°C to +71°C

-40°C to +71°C

Up to 14 TeraFLOPS of compute power for the most advanced autonomy

Scalability to enable full SAE Levels 3 through 5 autonomy performance is built in to the Obox architecture.

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Leading edge hardware is nothing without leading edge software. With Obox, you get both.

Software tools and libraries to make your HPC application faster, stronger, better.

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The industry's most flexible network management software.

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Intel Xeon D, Intel Xeon E3-1505M, E3-1505L v6, GPU: NVIDIA Pascal™, 2048 NVIDIA CUDA® Cores
CANbus, COM, DVI, Gigabit Ethernet, USB
1000BaseT, 10GBASE-KX4
Video Output
Development Environment
AXIS Support
Data Plane
Operating Temp
-40˚C to +71˚C
User Programmable FPGA
Virtex Ultrascale
Air cooled rugged, Conduction Cooled, Convection Cooled
FPGA Family
Virtex Ultrascale, Zynq Ultrascale+

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A seamless transition from R&D to production

Obox provides the ideal hardware platform plus AXIS software tools for a smooth glide path from R&D, to field testing to production, enabling optimization of algorithms and code throughout.

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