G2 Riser Modules

G2 Riser Modules provide front panel I/O access for all G2 Graphics PMC outputs and inputs.

G2 Riser Modules

This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on January 31, 2012

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G2 Riser Modules provide a convenient method of accessing all G2 Graphics PMC Display Outputs and Video Caputer Inputs at the front panel.

This allows users to develop applications on the G2 before their own back planes are ready.

These modules are not designed for use in final delivered systems, but are intended for use in development only.

Three different riser modules are available:

  • The G2 Display Output 1 Riser allows front panel access of all G2 Basic, G2 Dual or G2 Plus Display Output 1 outputs
  • The G2 Display Output 2 Riser allows fron panel access of all G2 Dual and G2 Plus Display Output 2 outputs
  • The G2 Video Capture Riser allows front panel access of all G2 Plus Video Capture inputs

These Riser modules may be stacked to allow access to all I/O at the same time.

Each Riser module requires one additional spare slot in the chassis.




  • Provide front panel I/O access for G2 Graphics PMC outputs and inputs
  • Allows immediate access to G2 I/O before back panel is ready
  • For development purposes only
  • Onboard switches allow selection of most desired I/O signals
  • Standard front-panel connectors allow use of standard monitor and video cables for VGA and DVI
  • May be stacked to allow access to all I/O simultaneously
  • Easily-accessible series milliohm resistors in power rails allow monitoring actual G2 power consumption (Display Output 1 version only).




Form Factor
Conformal Coating
Extended Temperature Range

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