ISA carrier card with 4 IP slots

This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on October 30, 2004

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The SPI-200 is a four slot IndustryPack® carrier that uses a DSP-Link3 connection for communication with the host processor. It is a full size ISA card but all communication with the processor is done through the DSP-Link3 connector. It does not have any connections to the ISA bus except power and ground. The DSP-Link3 connection is made through a high density 64 pin ribbon cable. The SPI-200 adds a broad range of I/O and memory capabilities to DSP-Link3 processor systems and is appropriate for rugged industrial and commercial configurations. The SPI-200 provides full support for the ANSI/VITA 4-1995 IP Module Specification and the DSP-LINK3 Product Requirement Specification Document Rev. 0.94. Each IndustryPack slot may be individually configured for either 8 MHz or 32 MHz operation. The carrier supports four single-wide IPs, two double-wide or a combination. All accesses to the IndustryPacks use the upper 16 bits of the 32 bit DSP-Link3 data bus and use Ready-Controlled cycles. Each IndustryPack slot has a page register to allow the full 8 MB of memory space defined by the IndustryPack Module Specification. The page registers may be accessed by either Standard or Standard Fast ASTRB/ cycles. The SPI-200 provides protected, filtered +5V, +12V, and –12V supplies to all the IndustryPack by means of passive "T" filters, capacitors and fuses. The three terminal filters provide excellent RF rejection of power supply conducted noise. With up to 200 I/O lines per slot and up to four IndustryPack modules per SPI-200, users can achieve a very high level of I/O density. IndustryPacks are available with a wide range of functions including serial and parallel I/O, analog to digital conversion and digital to analog conversion, motion control, memory and dat communication. Carrier boards are available for other industry standard buses, including VMEbus, PCI bus, cPCI bus, Futurebus+, G64/G96, ISA bus , and VXIbus.


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