External rugged memory card drive

This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on February 29, 2012

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RMCD is an external rugged memory card drive that accepts a range of removable media options allowing COTS PC Card technology to be used in a variety of military vehicles. Applications include loading of map or mission data, diagnostic or operational data logging, maintenance and software updates. Fabricated as an aluminium casting with removable lid, the RMCD has a hinged front door to provide easy access for the user. Gaskets used on all joints provide an effective EMC seal as well as protection from airborne contaminants and fluids. The SCSI-2 host interface enables any standard SCSI device driver that understands removable media to be used for RMCD data exchange. System integration is further simplified by the use of internal jumpers to set SCSI ID and enable the internal, active, SCSI bus termination. Separate SCSI input and output connectors allow multiple RMCDs to be connected in series. Rugged "full metal" (IP54 or IP68) and extended temperature range memory cards are supported in a range of technologies including ATA FLASH, SRAM and battery-backed SRAM.

  • Internal anti-vibration and shock isolation
  • 8- or 16-bit PC cards
  • Input power and signal filtering
  • SCSI-2 (8-bit) host connection using standard software drivers
  • Individual power control and slot activity LEDs for Hot Swap of inactive PC cards
  • Slot 2 supports 1 Type I (3.3mm thick) card or 1 Type 11 (5mm thick) card
  • Slot 1 supports 1 Type I (3.3mm thick) card, 1 Type 11 (5mm thick) card, or 1 Type III (10mm thick) card
  • Two PC card / PCMCIA V2.1 slots
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Environmentally sealed allowing hose down (IP65 rating)


Form Factor
II or III; Slot 2: 1 Type I or II; Slot1:1 Type I

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