PMC with 4 serial channels with DMA


This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on January 31, 2009

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The PMC-3211-24F provides up to four synchronous or asynchronous full duplex serial ports, based on the Zilog Z85230 Enhanced Serial Communications Controller (ESCC). Two Z85230 ESCCs are used to implement four serial ports factory configured for either RS-232-C or RS-422. Two dedicated DMA channels are provided for each serial port. A related product, the PMC-3210, does not include DMA support. Each serial channel has an independent baud rate generator. A 16 MHz oscillator is used to provide standard asynchronous baud rates. Baud rate is software configurable from 50 bps to 125 Kbps, via the on-board programmable baud rate generator. In addition, programmable bit length, parity and stop bits are provided to support all asynchronous protocols. The module is compliant with standard PMC specifications IEEE P1386.1. The PMC-3211 is a direct replacement for the SciTech SciCom PMC modules.

  • Direct replacement for SciTech SciCom PMC (with DMA)


Form Factor
# ARINC Channels
Front I/O

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