P-DIS Interface

PMC with 40 bi-directional discretes

P-DIS Data Acquisition Board


The P-DIS PMC card is different from most currently available data acquisition boards. It provides multiple I/O types on a single module and the functionality to work with high-speed digital I/O signaling. With very accurate time stamping of input data and synchronization to an external IRIG-B source, the P-DIS provides the capability to precisely synchronize all output ports.

The module supports high input and output sample rates. Digital ports are sampled at 50 MHz. Providing high resolution timestamping of inputs and precise timing control of outputs, these sample rates also provide the capability to capture and generate high speed signals. While not intended to support continuous buffering of fast-changing input and/or output data at the maximum sample rate, the module has a modest amount of buffering and includes a feature set which is intended to provide the functionality of a typical high-speed data acquisition board while reducing host throughput and response requirements.



  • Storage of input data into buffer only when a change is detected
  • Very accurate, automatic time-stamping of buffered input data
  • Precise time synchronization between all input ports
  • Flexible triggering on input conditions
  • Automatic measurement of input frequency, duty cycle, and edges
  • Automatic watchdog timer timeout detection on inputs
  • Output data samples are time-stamped – therefore only one buffer entry per change
  • Precise time synchronization between all buffered output ports
  • Automatic generation of single, repetitive, or continuous pulses/patterns on digital outputs
  • Automatic pulse generation in response to trigger
  • Automatic level-shifting between digitalport types




Form Factor
PMC, PMC on Carrier Cards (PCI Express, PCI, cPCI)
Lab, Simulation, Test, Embedded
Temp Range
Commercial XT
# Discretes
Front I/O
Rear I/O
Conduction Cooled

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