NETernity™ GBX25

Highly flexible, L3 Managed 6U VME Ethernet Switch

NETernity GBX25, L3 Managed 6U VME Ethernet Switch


Reconfigurable and flexible to help reduce design timescales and costs

NETernity GBX25 is a Layer 3 Managed 6U VME Ethernet Switch. It provides unprecedented flexibility, delivering new levels of simplicity in configuring 6U VME network support and handling almost any network configuration while delivering industry-leading performance. The GBX25 represents the optimum switch solution for any user planning to create new systems based on the 6U VME architecture, or planning to refresh existing systems.

A single flexible platform, the GBX25 allows virtually all 6U VME Ethernet switch solutions to be architected with a single product, whether front or rear (or both) I/O, copper or fiber, 1G or 10G. Up to four 10G SFP+ modules brings the ability to aggregate multiple 1G channels together. The 10G functionality makes it possible to use the switch as an aggregator of multiple video/sensor data streams to be sent via one or more 10G uplinks to other systems such as data servers or mission computers.

SWaP-C3 optimization maximizing system functionality

The use of SFP modules also brings the ability for customers to configure the GBX25 to fit their application precisely, and not be constrained by fixed configurations. Having a common platform allows for engineers to use the GBX25 in multiple systems without the need to relearn the capabilities of the product or how to configure the management software.

The dual I/O variant offers up to 40 switched ports (24 rear VME ports and 16 front panel ports), potentially allowing for a single switch to replace two others that would need to be configured independently in existing systems. It also makes an important contribution to minimizing slot usage in a system, allowing users to repurpose valuable space, power and cooling resources, thereby reducing system SWaP (size, weight and power) profile.

Enhanced security via OpenWare Switch Management

The GBX25 provides support for the latest of Abaco’s OpenWare switch management environment designed specifically for the military/aerospace environment, bringing new levels of flexibility, manageability and security.

OpenWare was developed by Abaco’s Networking Innovation Center, and has been adapted on numerous occasions to deliver the functionality required by specific applications. It benefits from over 20 years of continuous development, and is field-proven in thousands of mission-critical installations around the world - even in space. Multi-level military-grade security delivers the optimum application-dependent balance between protecting data and preventing unauthorized access on the one hand and accessibility and usability on the other.

Block Diagram


Form Factor
6U VME - Dual Slot, VME 6U
10Gb Ethernet(fibre), Gigabit Ethernet
Port Type
10/100/1000BaseT, 1000BaseLX, 1000BaseSX, 100BaseFX, 10GBase-SR, 10GBase-LR
Control Interface
Management Type
Fully Managed Layer-2/3+
Operating System (OS) Support
OpenWare Ethernet Switch Management
Up to 40 (24 rear VME ports and 24 front panel ports)
Front Panel I/O Connectors
Network Operations
L2 & L3 switching and routing (IPv4 & IPv6)
Operating Temp
-40˚C to +75˚C
Product Type
Rugged Ethernet Switch
OpenWare, OpenWare Switch Management
Convection Cooled, Level 1-3 Air Cooled

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RoHS Compliant

RoHS Compliant

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The industry’s most flexible, most customizable, most scalable network management software – with multi-level security and the fastest start-up time.

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