IPS5000 Image Processing System

IPS5000 Image Processing System for Local Situational Awarness

IPS5000 Image Processing System

This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on December 4, 2014

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The IPS5000 system provides an optimized solution for local situational awareness by seamlessly merging the video signals from multiple imagers into a real-time interactive 360 degree panoramic image which can be displayed on a single monitor, saving space and power. It offers a previously unattainable level of situational awareness to platforms such as armoured vehicles, aircraft, remote unmanned platforms and security and surveillance systems. The operator is able to interact with the panoramic image through a range of interface options including touch screen, joystick and game style controller. These devices facilitate scrolling through the panorama and zooming in and out on selected images through a ‘virtual camera.’ Used in this way, the panorama is very intuitive to use and interpret.
The IPS5000 display output format can be adapted to provide custom layouts to meet specific applications for individual problems and scenarios depending on customer requirements. It has been designed to offer an intuitive user interface with a natural looking, seamless and undistorted perspective when seen by the virtual camera applications.



• 360º high-resolution, real-time panoramic video
• Up to sixteen individual cameras
• “Virtual camera” user interface
• Panorama preserves spatial relationships
• Images are aligned without distortion
• Joystick and touch screen controls
• Interfaces with any ‘video’ sensor, including thermal imagers
• Horizontal resolution of around 7000 pixels
• Single display saves space & power
• Real-time fusion of visible and infrared cameras
• Designed for fixed installations or military vehicle




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