2MB battery-backed SRAM

This product reached the end of its lifecycle (end-of-life) on December 31, 2009

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IP-NVRAM-2M is a single-wide IndustryPack that offers an easy and reliable way to implement 2MB of SRAM with battery backup. IP-NVRAM-2M is ideal for system configuration, data logging, software development, data buffering, and other instrumentation and OEM equipment functions. The 2MB SRAM is organized in two banks, each bank provides 512K x 16 bit memory. Battery backup is provided by an on-board lithium cell. During normal operation (standard 5V supply applied to the SRAMs) the capacity of the lithium cell is monitored every 24 hours by the battery monitor device. Also, an interrupt is gnerated if the battery voltage is too low. The battery monitor device switches the SRAM's power supply from the standard 5V to the battery if the 5V drops below the threshold level of the battery monitor device. At this point, any active access to the SRAMs is executed correctly within 1.5 usec. After this time, further access to the SRAMs are not possible. Access to the IP-NVRAM-2M memory occurs within the IndustryPack memory space. The IndustryPack I/O space holds the Interrupt Control Register, the Battery and Interrupt Status Register and the Interrupt Vector Register.

  • ID-PROM supports auto-configuration
  • On-board lithium battery
  • No wait states
  • 2MB SRAM

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