John Knowles (JED) interview with Rich Sorelle (Abaco CEO)


Rich Sorelle is an industry leader who has spent most of his career in electronic warfare (EW) first at Grumman Aerospace, where he worked on various Navy aircraft programs, including the EA-6B Prowler, then at ITT Industries, where he would spend the next 20 years focusing on EW systems.  ITT became Exelis and in 2012, Sorelle, as president, managed the company’s EW business through its acquisition by Harris. He retired from Harris in 2015,  became a board member in an investment group that had acquired Abaco from GE in 2015 and was named CEO of Abaco in 2017 focusing efforts on opportunities in the EW and signals intelligence (SIGINT) markets.

John Knowles spoke with Rich Sorelle about his career and his plans for Abaco Systems.


Rich Sorelle "We are seeing a huge interest, of course, in deploying AI and ML in EW and SIGINT systems to help identify and act upon novel waveforms without any human interaction. On the hardware front, we are deploying boards and systems based on the general purpose processors that are available today – GPGPUs that the gaming community uses, FPGAs that are extremely large and that have the room and capability for different AI applications...this allows our Tier 1 systems customers who have the significant domain knowledge in EW, as well as AI or machine learning algorithms, to be able to port their algorithms on to our hardware. That’s really our strategy."


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JED Magazine, March 2021 issue