How can I test my 1553 product?

You can test your board by running Test Config as follows:

  • First, make sure you can initialize the board.
  • On a single-function board you must test each of the functions separately.
  • You should also run the internal BIT test. Do so by typing '2' on the second Main Menu page.
  • If your board passes the internal BIT test, try the following with Test Config:
    1. After initializing the board, enable the internal bus by typing '@'. This allows you to run all three functions together on a single board.
    2. Start the BM (e,f,g)
    3. Start the RT (q,r,s,t,u)
    4. Start the BC (j,k,l,m)
    5. Ignore any errors that return after starting these functions. Once you have the three functions running, go to the BM Watch display (h). You should see normal operation. It should look like the picture below:
    6. Look for errors on this screen. The errors to look for are: 
      • Data shown as "XXXX" or anything other than "0009" and "f004"
      • 1553 Status other than "0x1000"
      • Int Status other than "0x00010800" or "0x00010000"
      • RT Address other than 2
      • Sub Address other than 4

If any of these errors appear, then the board is not working correctly. Contact Condor Engineering at for further instructions.