GE Broadens Range of Cost-Effective, High Performance Avionics Solutions with XMC for ARINC 429

The RAR-XMC ARINC 429 High Density XMC Interface from GE Intelligent Platforms

HUNTSVILLE, AL.— MARCH 10, 2015— GE’s Intelligent Platforms  business (NYSE: GE) today announced the RAR-XMC ARINC 429 High Density XMC Interface for deployment on many single board computers. Available in a range of configurations to match customer needs, the RAR-XMC extends still further the breadth and depth of GE’s cost-effective, high performance avionics offering with complete, integrated databus functionality for ARINC 429 and related protocols.

Designed for embedded, laboratory and simulator applications, the RAR-XMC supports maximum data throughput on all channels while providing onboard message scheduling, label filtering, multiple buffering options, receive message time-tagging and error detection, and IRIG-B receiver (AM or DC/TTL) and generator (DC/TTL).

“With front I/O or P14/P16 rear I/O, the RAR-XMC represents the next generation in avionics computing,” said Dwayne Cripe, Product Manager at GE’s Intelligent Platforms business. “The RAR-XMC specifically recognizes the way that engineers test, develop and deploy avionics on modern computing hosts. Moreover, having the same firmware and API design  for both front and conductively cooled rear I/O, the RAR-XMC application can be easily migrated from a development to a deployment environment.”

Up to 16 transmit and 32 receive channels are available, with configurations supporting fixed and software-programmable transmit/receive channels. This allows users to use the same card for dynamic channel demands.

Configurations with support for ARINC 717 are optionally available. Dual-mode functionality supports either ARINC 717 HBP (Harvard Bi-Phase) or BPRZ (Bi-Polar Return to Zero) across a range of bit rate/sub-frame combinations.

GE’s software tools and solutions significantly reduce the time required to integrate ARINC 429 and other avionics protocols into an application. Included with the RAR-XMC is GE’s flexible, high-level, API (Application Programming Interface) support for Windows® 7, Vista, XP, VxWorks® and Linux® Kernel Versions 2.6 and 3.x. This powerful API supports multiple cards, and is compatible with GE’s API support on PCI, PCI Express®, PC/104-Plus, Express Card,  CompactPCI / PXI, and PMC platforms.

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