GE Announces VSIPL++ To Bring Improved Developer Productivity And System Performance To High Performance Embedded Computing Applications


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA  February 14 2012 GE Intelligent Platforms today announced the availability of Mentor Graphics®Sourcery™VSIPL++ which has been specifically optimized for the company’s range of high performance rugged embedded computing solutions.

The Sourcery VSIPL++ library for GE computing platforms is available from Mentor Graphics, who developed the capability in conjunction with GE. It takes advantage of, and integrates with, GE’s AXISLIB-AVX performance-optimized VSIPL library with more than 600 DSP and math functions specifically targeted at Intel®‘s latest 2nd generation Core™ platform.

VSIPL and VSIPL++  – Vector Signal Image Processing Library for C and C++ respectively – are open standard application programming interfaces (APIs) used extensively by developers who desire a highly efficient and portable computational middleware for performance-intensive signal- and image processing applications. GE Intelligent Platforms’ AXISLIB-AVX provides a full VSIPL Core 1 profile library with commonly used functions for radar, sonar, signals intelligence (SIGINT), and electronic warfare (EW) applications.  Mentor Graphics’ Sourcery VSIPL++ library is a portable implementation of the VSIPL++ API that provides a productivity-enhancing high-level abstraction layer for math libraries such as AXISLIB-AVX.   With Sourcery VSIPL++ and AXISLIB-AVX, developers can write program code only once and then reuse it on multiple platformssuch as the 2nd Generation Intel Core i7-based SBC624 and DSP280 OpenVPX COTS processors from GE Intelligent Platforms.

System integrators can increase programming productivity and achieve the independence from vendors and platforms that comes with adopting an open standard programming environment. They can also achieve greater efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness by planning for technology refresh – taking advantage of successive generations of high performance GE Intelligent Platforms solutions throughout the lifetime of the deployment - from the start of the program.

VSIPL++ is designed to provide superior performance relative to VSIPL, support for object orientation, support for multi-processor systems, extensibility and simpler syntax. Multiple processing and parallel processing are increasingly features of the most demanding, most sophisticated military/aerospace high performance embedded computing (HPEC) applications, and VSIPL++ makes the development of such applications easier, faster and less costly.

“Provision of, and support for, high level interfaces based on open standards is rapidly becoming a key requirement of government agencies, and therefore of prime contractors working in the military/ aerospace arena” said Rod Rice, General Manager, Military & Aerospace Products at GE Intelligent Platforms. “It is also finding increasing favour among developers of high performance embedded computing solutions as it enables high efficiency processing on not only today’s architectures, but also tomorrow’s. Availability of Sourcery VSIPL++ for GE’s range of rugged embedded computing platforms brings improved application performance, a high degree of portability and substantially increased developer productivity.”

“We are seeing rapidly increasing customer demand for the availability of advanced HPC software solutions like Sourcery VSIPL++ on high performance hardware such as the GE rugged embedded computing platforms” said Pete Decher, Business Development Manager for Mentor Graphics High Performance Computing Solutions. “Our partnership with GE  will enable HPC developers to readily access the full performance potential of the GE platforms.”

The Sourcery VSIPL++ high-level library provides a rich set more than 240 high level C++ signal processing functions, while the  proprietary compile-time and run-time dispatch engines optimize performance by mapping high level API function calls to the best performing low level hardware-optimized library functions available on the target platform. The Sourcery VSIPL++ library provides detailed code execution and performance summary information logging to help users understand how applications are running across computing resources.

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