Which formats of IRIG-B do Condor devices accept and transmit?

The IRIG TIME CODE standard [IRIG STANDARD 200-98, Range Commander's Council, InterRange Instrumentation Group] details various IRIG codes and formats. A copy of the IRIG specification is available for download from various sources online.

The table below lists which IRIG Timecode formats are supported by Condor devices.

IRIG Decoder Compatibility
Modulation Frequency:0, 1
Frequency/Resolution:0, 2
Coded Expressions:0, 1, 2, 3

Condor's onboard decoder is compatible with any combination derived from the table above. These formats include:
B000, B001, B002, B003
B020, B021, B022, B023
B100, B101, B102, B103
B120, B121, B122, B123

Note: When enabled by the software, IRIG OUT transmits IRIG B002 data from the onboard IRIG encoder. The IRIG OUT signal can source/sink 16 mA at valid TTL levels.