What are the recommended CEI-520 68-pin SCSI cabling options?

There are several common methods for mating to the 68-pin ARINC connector on the CEI-520. The information listed was verified correct at the time of publication, but the manufacturer’s data sheets should be verified when interfacing. The CEI-520 board has a 68-pin female connector (SCSI-3 compatible with rails and latch blocks), manufactured by Thomas and Betts (part number HFR068RA29JS1).

Using a SCSI-3 cable plug connector with individual crimp pins.

  Manufacturer            Thomas and Betts
  Connector               HFM068A
  Metal back shell kit    300102-068BS6
  Hand Crimping tool      600112
  Contact Removing tool   600113
  Wire                    28 - 32 AWG 
  Crimp pins (28-32 AWG)  1016029C-01 (requires 68 pins) 

Using a SCSI-3 cable plug connector with wire lacing termination.

  Manufacturer            AMP
  Connector               750913-7 or 1-750913-7
  Metal back shell kit    Various options
  Wire                    28 or 30 AWG 

A pre-fabricated molded SCSI-3 cable plug connector assembly with cable of various lengths can be purchased from various manufacturers.

Using a SCSI-3 cable plug connector with dual 0.050” centerline flat ribbon cables (34 pins each cable). One solution uses a plastic, unshielded housing.

  Manufacturer            AMP
  Connector               749925-5
  Wire                    30 AWG stranded ribbon cable