VMIVME-9081 IIOC VxWorks Bootline Corruption


If VMIVME-9081 IIOC is used in "Ethernet host interface" mode, it is possible to corrupt the VxWorks bootline when saving user-supplied IP addresses to NVRAM.  The method of storing an IP address in the VxWorks bootline is incorrect. When this problem occurs, the 9081 IIOC is not able to boot up. 




The work-around is to re-enter the VxWorks bootline manually using the following steps:


1.  With a VT-100 compatible console attached to COM1, cycle power on the 9081.

2.  Hit a key as soon as you see the "Press any key to stop auto-boot..." prompt.

3.  Enter c to edit the bootline.

4.  Enter the following:


boot device                                       : ata=1,0

processor number                         : 0

host name                                        : host

file name                                        : /ata0/vxworks

inet on ethernet (e)                                :

inet on backplane (b)                            :

host inet (h)                                            :

gateway inet (g)                                         :

user (u)                                                             : anonymous

ftp password (pw) (blank = use rsh)            : guest

flags (f)                                                            : 0x8

target name (tn)                               :

startup script (s)                                : /ata0/startup.sh

other (o)                                                            : fxp0


5.  Enter '@' to reboot.





This problem has been fixed in the 9081 IIOC firmware, version 1.04.

An 'r' command has been added that can be used to reset the bootline if it becomes corrupt.

Customers experiencing this problem should request an update to version 1.04.