I have written a program that parses log files generated by BusTools/ARINC. All log files generated by BusTools/ARINC v2.82 or earlier are parsed correctly by my program, but my program does not correctly parse log files generated by BusTools/ARINC...

Many new options for timetagging incoming words were introduced in BusTools/ARINC v2.90 (see the section "Setting up Timetag Modes", in Chapter 4 of the BusTools/ARINC User's Manual for details). To support these new timetagging options, the BusTools/ARINC log file format was modified.

A new utility library is provided with BusTools/ARINC v2.90 (and later) that can be used to read and write BusTools/ARINC log files in a version-independent manner. The library provides a common interface for reading log files generated by any version of BusTools/ARINC, and can also be used to create log files that can be read by the latest version of BusTools/ARINC.

The utility library (named 'btautil.dll') can be found in the BusTools/ARINC program directory ('c:\Program Files\Condor Engineering\BusTools-ARINC', by default). The attached example program 'btautil_example.c' illustrates sample usage of the utility library. The utility library interface is fully defined in the attached header file 'btautil.h' and in Chapter 9 of the "BusTools/ARINC User's Manual". The attached import library 'btautil.lib' can be used to statically link your program to the BusTools/ARINC utility library.