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AXIS Power For Intel-Based Systems

image processing. Previously only available for systems based on the PowerPC architecture, AXISLib-x86 brings optimized signal processing and vector math libraries to the Intel multiprocessor world.

Importantly, AXIS's VSIPL API provides code portability across CPU generations and architectures in support of multi-year technology insertion plans for major military programs.

The AXIS software suite comprises an integrated graphical user interface; AXISView, providing task level programming for algorithm development and system visualization. The developer exploits an iterative application development cycle allowing the user to bench mark routines and tune the system architecture to meet performance requirements.

In addition, AXISFlow provides a high performance interprocessor communication library for high throughput, low latency data movement across multiple fabrics (PCIe, GbE, 10GE, sRIO, etc.) scaling from one to many CPU nodes across a single board, multiple boards in a single chassis and multiple system chassis.

AXISLib provides DSP and math function libraries to support very high performance signal and data processing routines with a standard VSIPL wrapper as well as a faster RSPL API for optimum performance and portability.

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These days, a systems engineer faces a number of issues when configuring and programming a complex, heterogeneous multiprocessor system for military/aerospace applications. These include:

•   How to size the system – what compute resources
will it take?
How to check if the system is configured as it
should be?
How to maximize the performance of the algorithms?
How to move data around the system across widely differing interconnects?
How to map the application onto the system?
How to see the application’s performance in real-time?
How to rescale the application to a different sized system without a major rewrite?
How to migrate the application to new processors and interconnects?

AXIS - Advanced Multiprocessor Integrated Software is a set of software modules that can be used to accelerate the design, development, testing and deployment of complex DSP and multiprocessing platforms for real-time applications such as radar, sonar, communications and

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Rob McKeel
GE Works with Wind River

Much of the strength of the military embedded computing industry relies on relationships between hardware vendors like GE and software vendors such as Wind River.

In this brief video, Rob McKeel - Vice President, Military & Aerospace Embedded Computing at GE Intelligent Platforms – talks about the relationship between the two companies, and how that relationship can provide customers with a time-to-market advantage.

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Packaging of Rugged COTS Systems
Packaging of Rugged
COTS Systems
A clear trend is emerging in the mil/aero industry as prime contractors and systems builders look to minimize risk by acquiring complete integrated, 'plug and play' subsystems where once they would have bought individual boards and built the subsystems themselves. Designing and testing such subsystems is a capability in which GE Intelligent Platforms has significant experience and expertise.
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GE to Attend NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference
For anyone interested in the latest developments in graphics processing, NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference (GTC 2010) (San Jose Convention Center, September 20 – 23) is the place to be. However, it's no longer just for the graphics industry: with the growing interest in using graphics processing units for general purpose processing (GPGPU) such as is possible with NVIDIA's CUDA technology, it's attracting a much broader audience.
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Upcoming Events, Seminars, Workshops

Where in the world is GE Intelligent Platforms? Just take a look you might be surprised to find that we will be in your neck of the woods in the very near future. Come find out what we’re up to at these upcoming events.
Date Event Location
August 24-27 AUVSI Denver, CO
September 20-23 NVIDI's GPU Technology Conference San Jose, CA
How does a system designer know if any of the rugged products specified for a particular application will survive a lifetime of use in the environmental extremes of military deployment? What should a system designer look for, and what criteria should be used when selecting a rugged product? Read GE's white paper to answers these questions.
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