Abaco Systems Partners with DeepSig to Demonstrate Integrated AI-based Electronic Warfare Solution


HUNTSVILLE, Ala.— April 14 2020 Abaco Systems today announced that, via a partnership with DeepSig, the company is now able to demonstrate DeepSig’s ground-breaking OmniSIG™ software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) inferencing for signal identification and classification in electronic warfare and signals intelligence applications. The OmniSIG software is now deployable on Abaco’s 3U VPX ecosystem - including RFSoC/DSP/FPGA platforms, single board computers, GPU/GPGPU platforms based on NVIDIA technology, network switches and mission ready systems - and its ability to deliver the highest levels of performance for advanced, AI-based applications.

Specifically, the demonstration runs on Abaco’s SOSA aligned SBC3511 and can be accelerated with Abaco’s GPGPU boards (GR2/4/5), which, when coupled with the VP430 RFSoC board creates a high performance, low SWaP platform for signal intelligence and EW applications. It can also be deployed on the GVC1001 mission/display computer and leverage its market-leading AI performance.

“Artificial intelligence-based applications are a key focus for us at Abaco, and this partnership with DeepSig allows us to show prospective customers a complete, integrated, hardware and software solution that is rugged and ready to deploy,” said Peter Thompson, Vice President, Product Management at Abaco Systems. “We are actively seeking partnerships with software vendors like DeepSig that align with Abaco’s technology initiatives and provide new and technically diverse solutions to complex customer issues.”

The OmniSIG sensor provides a new class of RF sensing and awareness using DeepSig’s pioneering application of AI to radio systems. Going beyond the capabilities of existing spectrum monitoring solutions, OmniSIG is able to not only detect and classify signals, but also understand the spectrum environment to inform contextual analysis and decision making. Compared to traditional approaches, OmniSIG provides higher sensitivity and accuracy, is more robust to harsh impairments and dynamic spectrum environments, and requires less computational resources and dynamic range allowing for an order of magnitude improvement in speed and device requirements.”

“DeepSig is pioneering the use of deep learning to realize state of the art signal processing and radio systems by developing fundamentally new methodologies and software systems for the design and optimization of wireless communications,” said Dr. Timothy Newman, Director of Program Management at DeepSig. “By creating new tools, algorithms, and approaches for signal processing systems, DeepSig is able to achieve unparalleled results in system performance. We’re delighted to partner with Abaco and look forward to supporting their customers.”

About Abaco Systems

With more than 30 years’ experience, Abaco Systems is a global leader in open architecture computing and electronic systems for aerospace, defense and industrial applications. We create innovative, modular solutions based on open standards that are characterized by outstanding price/performance, ultimate rugged reliability and minimal SWaP. Our goal is to be a significant contributor to our customers’ success, partnering with them to reduce cost, time-to-deployment and risk and supporting them over the long term. With an active presence in hundreds of national asset platforms on land, sea and in the air, Abaco Systems is trusted where it matters most. www.abaco.com

About DeepSig

Located in Arlington, Virginia, DeepSig develops deep learning software for wireless systems on cloud, edge, and embedded devices.Our OmniSIG™ product provides visibility into wireless spectrum activity hundreds of times faster than current technology to find interference, wireless/cyber threats, and anomalies. OmniPHY™ replaces key conventional baseband signal processing technology with machine learning to dramatically improve system performance. www.deepsig.io

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