ICS-8500T LabView Application Manual

The ICS-8500 is a rugged FPDP / FPDP II Receiver/Transmitter PMC module available in convection- and conduction-cooled versions. It offers similar functionality to the popular ICS-500-R and ICS-500-T PMC products; however, the ICS-8500 is configurable under software control as either a receiver or transmitter. The module includes a 400 MBytes/second FPDP II interface via the P4 connector, an 8 MByte swing buffer and a PCI 2.2 64-bit, 66 MHz PCI interface. When communicating with a transmitter or receiver that is not FPDP II capable, it will revert to ANSI/VITA 17 FPDP operation, providing transfer rates of up to 160 MBytes/second.

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