U-Boot to Flash Booting Image into Onboard 32 Bit Flash

Using any GE Fanuc Embedded Systems' VMICPCI-7055 with U-Boot utility installed in onboard 8 bit flash, an operating system boot image can be flashed into the provided onboard 32bit flash component.  In order to flash a boot image into 32 bit flash component using U-Boot and boot the flashed image perform the following steps.

Step by Step Instructions

NOTE:  Before beginning make sure S1 switch 3 is set to off (see attachment for location and factory settings of S1).  This enables writing to 32 bit flash.

  1. Set S1 switch 1 to OFF.  (This sets the board to boot from 8-bit flash on power-up)
  2. Boot to U-Boot prompt.
  3. Set environment parameter enaMonExt by executing “setenv enaMonExt yes” from the U-boot prompt
  4. Save the environment by executing “saveenv” to store parameters to NVRAM. 
  5. Reboot to U-Boot prompt.
    NOTE: Steps 3, 4, and 5 are necessary to allow flashing of the 32-bit flash!
  6. Execute “f32b /tftpboot/bootrom.bin 0x3f00000”  (This will TFTP the image “/tftpboot/bootrom.bin” from remote server to 32-bit flash.  U-Boot must have predefined configuration including ip addresses for remote accessing)
  7. Optional: Set environment parameter “enaMonExt” back to “no” and save. 
  8. Power off, and Set S1 switch 1 to ON.  (This sets the board to boot from the 32-bit flash on power-up.)