Single Board Computer Locks Up When Loading Windows XP with USB Floppy


SBC locks up when loading Windows XP onto a PMC Hard Drive and while using a USB Floppy to load the device driver.


Some storage devices require a driver be loaded during the installation for them to work with Window XP, such as the PMC-243 hard drive unit. If you are trying to load XP to such a device and to load the driver from a USB floppy drive this can cause a lock-up condition. The reason for this lock-up condition is that certain USB floppy drives also need a driver loaded to work with Windows XP. If you run into this problem then you will need to use a USB floppy drive that does not require a driver. If you do not have access to a different USB floppy drive, another alternative is to get one of the VMIVME-7452 products and use the standard floppy drive on it. This floppy drive will not require a driver to function with XP.

To get the BIOS to recognize the USB Floppy Drive, enter BIOS settings screen and make sure that the CMOS settings are correct for the USB device. The USB device settings are listed under the Advanced BIOS settings, USB configuration. Under the USB Mass Storage Device Configuration menu, the floppy settings selection can be changed from Auto to Floppy. This may allow the floppy drive to function.