Linux and Windows Load Failure


Reported failures not being able to load Windows XP or Linux.  Linux failure might show as: " Kernel panic - not syncing: driver /ide/pci/piiz.c394:spin_lock                               (drivers/ide/ide.c:c037ab68) already locked by drivers/ide/ide-iops.c/1234 "

Windows failure might appear as:  " Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration ", then the monitor going blank.

The cause is related to DMA speed of the IDE channel. SBC's are shipped with "DMA Mode: set to Auto in the BIOS. The SBC attempts to judge the DMA bus speed during the boot cycle. Many times it will set the boot speed incorrectly to a higher speed than the IDE channel and drive can properly handle.


Try changing the DMA setting on Primary IDE (the hard disk) DMA setting from 'Auto' to 'UDMA2'.