High Performance Embedded Computing


Abaco makes the transition from development to deployment easier

  • We provide a broad range of powerful embedded computing systems to help you migrate from the original development environment.
  • You’re able to leverage our HPEC Innovation Center team of experts who can help you optimize your application for maximum efficiency. They in turn are supported by our unique AXIS application development environment that enables you to take optimization to the next level.
  • Once you’re satisfied that your solution can’t be improved, we take it and create a rugged, mission-ready system for volume deployment.

When it comes to HPEC, we're with you all the way.



40 Gigabit Ethernet capability for 3U VPX

Improved communication between individual boards and no SWaP sacrifices – the ultimate in higher performance.

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So much more ...

There’s more to our HPEC offering than just single board computers and Ethernet switches. Leading edge graphics/vision processors. The industry’s most flexible I/O offering. Rugged routers and switches. Advanced RF and DSP solutions.


High Performance Embedded Computing

High performance embedded computing (HPEC) is transforming the military embedded computing landscape with sophisticated, powerful answers to the most demanding problems. Abaco Systems HPEC solutions are among the broadest in the industry, and are backed by Abaco Systems unwavering commitment to customer support – as witnessed by the recent opening of our HPEC Innovation Center. Find out more about Abaco Systems advanced multiprocessors and GPGPU platforms, and how HPEC solutions can be brought to market faster with Abaco Systems AXIS software development environments.



Getting there faster

And: the most advanced HPEC hardware is of little use without a software development environment that minimizes the cost and risk of developing HPEC applications, and sees them deployed faster. That’s what Abaco’s AXIS is for.

But Abaco takes HPEC beyond hardware and software. For the most challenging applications, our HPEC Innovation Center is there to support you – a team of experts who can help you design, develop, optimize and deploy your leading edge solutions.

AXIS Software Development Tool Suite – Enabling Rapid Software Development

Overarching Abaco’s comprehensive high performance embedded computing offering is AXIS, an integrated, sophisticated yet easy to use software development tool suite that has led to software development time being halved, and to software testing beginning 30% sooner than would have been achieved with a ‘hand-crafted’ solution.

AXIS reduces the time taken to develop, test, debug and optimize complex software applications based on heterogenous, multiprocessor CPU and GPU platform architectures. Because of the high level of hardware abstraction it provides, it requires little or no developer knowledge of the underlying platform, freeing developers to focus on the application. As such, it reduces program risk; it increases productivity; it reduces costs; and it reduces time-to-market , creating competitive advantage.

  • Initialize the system – quickly configure all nodes in the system
  • Check system configuration – automate system configuration validation
  • Map application to system – place tasks for best performance
  • Perform high performance communications between tasks
  • Run the application – download and run on multiple nodes with two clicks
  • Determine bottlenecks – locate and resolve bottlenecks in data flow and task performance
  • Measure real-time performance – profile runtime data across entire system
  • Maximize algorithm performance – identify opportunities for improvement
  • Rescale the application – move the application to larger or smaller systems
  • Rapidly create graphical user interfaces for the application

Software: The Abaco Advantage

  • AXIS MPI, AXIS Flow and AXIS Lib facilitate development of efficient portable and scalable multi-threaded code that can be distributed across multiple processing cores and CPU domains
  • AXIS EventView enables in-depth performance analysis of these distributed threads, allowing focused application tuning
  • AXIS DataView provides an innovative tool for rapidly building a graphical interface for embedded applications, helping developers visualize their data and interactive controls
  • AXIS Imageflex facilitates rapid development of high performance image processing and visualization application that take advantage of the huge processing power of GPUs

Abaco’s HPEC Innovation Center

Abaco Systems established the Boston HPEC Innovation Center specifically to support customer demand for high TRL COTS solutions that can shorten time-to-market, minimize cost and help to eliminate program risk, allowing prime contractors, system integrators and OEMs to focus on value-add and create competitive advantage. The Center takes advantage of Abaco’s COTS Rugged Systems (CRS) capability to support the rapid deployment of systems to the field.

The HPEC Innovation Center also provides a focus for the future development of a range of powerful, flexible products and solutions for military/aerospace embedded computing.


For the most demanding applications in SWaP-constrained platforms, you can benefit from Abaco being NVIDIA’s preferred provider of GPU technology into harsh environments.

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High Performance Embedded Computing

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