GE’s AXISPro Enables Faster, More Cost-Effective Development of Sophisticated Multiprocessor HPEC Applications

HUNTSVILLE, AL.—NOVEMBER 12, 2014—GE’s Intelligent Platforms business (NYSE: GE) today announced Release 6.1 of its AXISPro advanced multiprocessor application development environment. Designed to ease and speed the development of sophisticated applications for advanced high performance embedded computing (HPEC) applications, and so reduce risk and time-to-market, AXISPro now benefits from new features that improve scalability, flexibility and portability.

The new AXISmpi library provides an open standard message passing interface to enable application portability and scalability from server clusters to SWaP-C (size, weight, power and cost) sensitive embedded systems via the industry standard MPI application programming interface (API). Application developers can now target HPEC open system architectures and avoid vendor lock-in, while achieving the same efficient, low latency inter-process communication (IPC) already available with GE’s proprietary AXISFlow IPC middleware.  

This industry standard-compliant alternative to AXISFlow delivers high performance while benefiting from a wide range of software development and case analysis tools from the wider High Performance Computing (HPC) community to enable new classes of knowledge-assisted sensor- and image processing solutions such as radar, sonar and multi-INT deployed airborne, ground and naval platforms.

The AXISPro product package includes AXISView, an integrated graphical user interface (GUI), AXISmpi and AXISFlow IPC libraries, together with digital signal processing quick-start examples. Also included is a new data visualization and control (DVC) platform enabling rapid development of custom GUIs to visualize live data and provide easy-to-use control and instrumentation dashboards to demonstrate and test real-time embedded signal and image processing applications.

“At a time when other companies are de-emphasizing - or even abandoning – their advanced software development environments, GE continues to see AXIS as a vital tool that can help customers minimize the effort, time, risk and expense of developing high performance, mission critical applications,” said Mike Stern, Senior Product Manager at GE’s Intelligent Platforms business.  “These tools, supported by our HPEC Center of Excellence, provide a ‘one stop shop’ that can minimize program cycle time by delivering pre-configured, tested and documented “application ready” clusters along with on-site support for the optimum  out-of-the-box experience.”

GE also offers AXISLib, another member of the AXIS software product family which is sold separately. This includes the industry standard VSIPL Core  profile of more than 600 commonly used DSP and math function libraries specifically optimized for Intel® Core™ i7 AVX as well as NVIDIA® GPU and Freescale™ Power Architecture™ processor platforms. The VSIPL API supports application portability across multiple operating systems and processor generations to enable customers to ‘future proof’ their investment in application software and support multiple technology refresh cycles during the entire program life cycle.

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